Preserving Water Supply is Focus of National Energy Plans, Even for Small Rural Areas like Natchitoches, Louisiana

People throughout the world are turning more and more to bottled water. In fact there is a serious concern in some places about whether or not the water is safe to drink. That concern is especially for the poor.

Given these concerns, and issues on alternative energy, the focus on alternative energy has as part of its campaign the notion of establishing a clean environment which includes clean water. That is important because it affects all of us at some level.

Regularly in Natchitoches I get mail declaring there are problems with chemicals in the water. Friends in other places, like France, tell me that have endured problems with water for many years.

How much of our drinking water will need to be impacted before governments get serious about it? Perhaps the focus on the environment, because it concentrates on the earth as well as the water, will make a difference in alternative energy planning.

Natchitoches citizens have been getting water notices for more than 10 years, according to Sylvia Morrow, Council Woman for the City of Natchitoches.

She is concerned about that for all the citizens of Natchitoches but particularly worries about the poor people since they are the ones who have trouble purchasing bottled water.

Although the notices don’t tell people not to drink the local water, they do say that the elderly should not or those people whose immune systems or health is otherwise compromised.

The fact that these notices continue is evidence that the problem will likely continue. It’s also evidence that it may be a problem in much the same way in other places.

Earlier this year it was found that low levels of pharmaceuticals and hormonally active chemicals. are in the drinking water of 28 million Americans.

Considering the fact that some of these people are sick or elderly, ordinarily the advice is, as the article declared, to check with the family physician about drinking the water.

If alternative energy is being sought because of climate change, it is likely part of the issue has to do with the drinking water. That’s because science has discovered water has become increasingly more toxic in relationship to climate changes.

In fact some say that by 2010 there may be dust bowl conditions in parts of the American West. Add to that the problem of mine tailings in the water supply, and you have multiplied the problem.

In Louisiana the Haynesville Shale is popular, especially to the north and central areas of the state, ranging into Arkansas and Texas. This is to bring natural gas to the forefront.

The problem, however, not publicized by those proudly talking about great profits and benefits from this industry has to do with the drinking water.

It has been found that with fractured drilling in parts of the West, the drinking water has been compromised, but somehow Louisiana continues on the path to the form of energy that may continue bringing environmental risk to the state.

Even the Shreveport Times wonders in its articles whether or not the gold rush is actually fools gold.

Safe drinking water has been outlined as very important in the environmental and energy planning under the Obama administration. An expert on the Water Quality and Health Council, Joan Rose, declares that water quality and meeting standards if of critical importance in the plans of the Presidents plans.

That is because of how clean water impacts the nation’s health problems. The concerns will impact the Federal budget’s decisions on repair and maintenance of the infrastructure to include replacement of rusting and leaking pipelines.

Fit drinking water is key to alternative energy planning. At $1.25 and up per bottle, that’s an important concern for everyone, especially the poor who can’t afford to drink those 6 to 8 glasses of water per day at the present prices.