Electricity, solar power, wind power, water power; these are the keys to making our planet a better, and cleaner place. Although, these are not the only ways to help this process of, “Going Green.”

Eco-friendly products that harness natural power are beginning to come out on the market. For example, electric and solar powered cars is a big one. I’ll be recommending a variety of different eco-friendly products that range from cheap to expensive.

The first and probably most effective eco-friendly items out there are electric cars. These usually run on either the sun’s energy with solar power, or common household electricity. Another great thing about them is that they have no harmful tailpipe emissions; unlike most of today’s gas powered vehicles. Nissan is working on a new electric car called the “Leaf.”

This five seated vehicle has an average of two cents per mile. That crushes the average of twelve cents per mile held by gas powered cars. Unfortunately, for any new vehicle money is almost always an issue. The Nissan Leaf is being sold for around $30,000.

Next comes a more mellow product. The Nightstar III Self Charging “Shake” Flashlight really is eco-friendly. To use it, simply just shake it for a few seconds, then flip the switch and watch it light up. For only thirty seconds of shaking, you get twenty minutes of bright LED light. It’s great for just about anyone who needs a flashlight handy. The Nightstar sells for $29.95 on Basegear.com.

The Voltaic Backpack certainly is a good way to go green. This backpack generates 4.5 watts of solar power so you can charge small hand-held items such as phones, mp3 players, and gaming systems. The backpack comes with a battery pack that allows you to store power when you don’t need it, then use it later when you do.

Even if the sun doesn’t happen to be out, a USB power cable allows you to charge the battery from your car; say, while driving to your hiking destination? It has a 600D shell made from recycled PET, or recycled bottles. The Voltaic Backpack costs $249 on voltaicsystems.com.

Here’s a great way to like up a walk way! Woods Industries 93004 Moonray light fixtures run on solar power, so you don’t have to ever worry about them running up the electricity bill.

They also have the option for AA batteries to be inserted if you absolutely need light, and it hasn’t been sunny outside for them to charge up. A four pack of these solar powered lights sells for $19.99 on Amazon.com.

The ATP 8GB Earthdrive is the first ever eco-friendly, recyclable USB flash drive. It’s great for storing videos, pictures, music and more. The drive also features being dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. With this “green” flash drive, you can’t go wrong! The price of this item varies by store, but it looks to be around $35 to $45.

By using eco-friendly items, we can make our planet a healthier place; and the industry is helping us do it, one fancy gadget at a time.